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We helped gave Thames Valley Bodyworks and ATF a remodel as they rebranded their business.

Thames Valley ATF and Bodyworks is an HGV and bus testing centre based in Wokingham. Recently they were taken over by Reading Buses and wanted a new site to reflect these changes and to help move them into the modern age. Working with both the team at Thames Valley and Reading Buses, we produced a brand new site with a new design and custom booking system.

They had a brand new colour scheme to follow and wanted to update their services and pricing to come in line with current standards, the last objective was to bring the site up to date by allowing their customers to book online, pay and receive all the important information as well as to be able to log in and view their current appointments as well as previous ones. 

Booking Page



After speaking with Thames Valley we got the main features and ideas from their current website and also another company that was in the same industry. We got a list of the main elements needed for the website and use content from their old website to work out the layout and overall feel of where the website’s content should be. We knew we need to split the website into the “ATF” element and the “Bodywork” element as they are two different sides of the business with the main focus on the ATF booking side.

To help create the booking side we implemented a service called Bookly, we’ve used this on other client websites and we know it’s a solid and stable booking platform. However, the client needed certain features adding and certain customizations making to the back end, we managed to achieve a wide range of the customizations asked for custom reports too little tweaks to make the experience easier for various staff needing access to the website. Along with this, we focused on creating a good user experience when using the form and customer portal, both pages are clear of clutter and allow the user to focus on the elements we need them to focus on in order to complete the booking. The customer portal page is the same, a simple login for that then allows to them access their data, we’ve kept it simple by showing them only the information they need and allow them to create certain actions as and when needed to. 

The rest of the site follows the grey colour scheme which is featured in their new logo and create an industrial yet clean finish that follows the design rules set by the client. Overall the website is small yet clear, clean and concise. 

Here are some more pages that have been taken from the Thames Valley ATF and Bodyworks Website…

Bodywork Page - Mockup
Customer Portal page - Mockup
Watch our Website Demo here…

We look forward to working with the team at Thame Valley AFT and Bodyworks on any further projects, if you like what you see then why not drop us a message via our contact page and find out how we can help you.