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We worked with Stuart Couling to create a website that shows him off and his business.

Stuart Couling is a holistic therapist based in Lincolnshire. He wanted a place to showcase his profession and to inform customers of the many services that he offers. He wanted a place where he could talk about what he and his business can do and to also provide materials for when he’s not around through podcasts and videos.

Stuart wanted a space where each treatment had its own space that could allow him to expand and really inform the customer. It’s important that the customer looking at the service fully understands what each treatment involves and how it all works between them, the customer and Stuart.

So we did just that, providing information pages with images, pricing, times and how each service could be delivered.

Stuart Couling website top image.
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One of the main items we took careful time over was the layout, colour and general design. We wanted to reflect the correct atmosphere that Stuart wanted that reflected his business. With this, we worked around a light colour scheme, whites and the like and kept colour in key areas which would enhance the relaxed feeling, Stuart provides service to calm and relax the mind, we worked around a colour scheme and layout that reflected that.

This progressed into the website layout, it needed to flow and allow customers to find the information with ease. The homepage gives a general overview of everything that can be found on the website, the sperate pages then went into more detail. Even on the more detailed pages we have got the content clear and broken up with images and a selection of different elements, therefore allowing the user to see all the information they need without having to trawl through unwanted pages and masses of information.

Along with the right wording we worked with Stuart to find a selection of images which would line up with the design of the site and allow customers and visitors to get some visual ideas on the services and other parts of Stuart’s business. We believe getting the right images is key to building good content for any website no matter how big or small.


Here are some more pages taken from Stuart’s website…

Stuart Couling - Mindfulness
Stuart Couling - Contact
Stuart Couling - Events
Watch our Website Demo here…

Fantastic service!

Fantastic personal relaxed and professional service with an excellent outcome. I love my new website and the many ways I’m able to interact with the professionals.

Stuart Couling

Stuart Couling Holistic Therapy

We look forward to working with Stuart on any further projects, if you like what you see then why not drop us a message via our contact page and find out how we can help you.