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Early last year (2021) we were approached by Laura to help with her website. She had been left in a situation by her old developer that the site didn’t work, the design was poor and she was paying money for a website that just wasn’t her dream. She even had to get family member to help fix the issues due the old developer disappearing altogether, then she found us.


Straight away we sat down with Laura and found out what she wanted from her website, what we needed to work out now and later and what sort of timeline she wanted. We move the site to our servers and popped it in maintenance mode, then the work began.


E-commernce sites can be the bread and butter of our clients income so we want to work directly with them to get it right, every time.

My Little Sewing Club is a one stop shop for all things sewing. The company is ideally aimed at getting kids into sewing by starting them off with ideally designed kits. Each kit has everything they need to create their own sewing piece, whether this be a cushion, doll or banner. The kits can be purchased as single units, or though a 3, 6, 9 month package where kits are set the to the customers houses. Along site this, the website doublec us as a general sewing shop. Selling eveerything from threads to tools, buttons to sewing based gifts befreo finally have the thrid purpose of being a shop window for Laura the owner.

The brand colours and theme had to be appearing to child and both male and female sides, after all anyone can sew. We used the colours already established in Laura’s logo to create the pallet for the website. The pinks, whites and light blues made a suitable change throughout the site but without being in the users face. We used a module design for the homepage along with sewing club pages, our story and contact pages, this design worked perfectly with the colours as they allowed up to break up the pages into sections.


Sewing Page - My Little Sewing Club


The site was already built on WordPress, so we came and redesigned over the top of it. Laura wanted certain features displaying such as the top bar which includes her flat rate shipping. We spent some time reorganising the navigation menu to improve customer flow around the site along with an updated footer section. We created some new pages such as the “Our Story” page which allowed Laura to tell the tale of her and her daughters idea for the sewing site and why it’s so popular with kids.

Shopping is a major element of the website, using Woo-commence we stripped out all the products and worked with Laura to rebuild the catalogue. We spent time making sure the projects were in the right groups and creating a product structure that was easy for Laura to work on the back end but clear on the front end for the customer to use. We then created a set of training videos for Laura and her team to follow so they could easily keep their products updated and ready to go. All the products have SEO elements added and we connected the website to her Facebook Business account, this allowed her to use Facebook Shop as an extra store front for her website.

Finally, we made sure to sprinkle some of her amazing client reviews around the website and work with her photographer to create some visually appealing images to grab users attention.

Here are some more pages that have been taken from the My Little Sewing Club website…


Shopping - My Little Sewing Club
Blog_My Little Sewing Club
Watch our Website Demo here…

We look forward to working with Laura at My Little Sewing Club on any further projects, if you like what you see then why not drop us a message via our contact page and find out how we can help you.