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Creating a business from humble beginnings

Although we only took on Heckington Players Amateur Dramatic Society’s website hosting in early 2022, our developer Callum has been looking after their website for nearly 2 years before this. This is how we sat down and turned their website from a portfolio style to more business centred for the group.

We wanted the website to have two main purposes, the first to be a place for customers to purchase tickets for productions, find out what’s on and more about the latest production/s on sale. The second purpose was to make it the home of Heckington Players, show the history, past performances, all about becoming a member and a hub for content during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also wanted visitors to each be able to get in touch with the people involved therefore extending our reach while maintain a professional look.

Although this is a local group, amdram company therefore is still plenty of space to create a professional environment, for customers and business to come and explore and find out more.



Heckington Players needed to be the central hub, we needed to create an atmosphere that showed off the drama group, their productions and what customers could expect when seeing a show or what new members where letting themselves in fore. But the very first change we made was to the contact page and emails. Like we mentioned above, we wanted to help create a business feel on the website but due to the dynamics of the group, is wasn’t the best idea to create a centre email due to delays in responses when emails needed to be forwarded on, so we came up with the idea of letting the visitor/customer pick who they needed to contact. We have made around 10 different emails already for the different people on the committee who oversaw a role in the group, we did also have a general email for those messages that didn’t fit any of the one departments but on the website we gave the user the option to choose. On the contact form, you can enter your personal details as normal as well as the message, but there is also a drop down box listing all the departments available for a direct email. Therefore cutting out the middle man and allowing the query to reach the best person in the quickest time.

Next we needed to work on the website itself, we needed to work from the bases of the old site in terms of pages, content and brand. The groups key colours are based around a soft purple and that was to become the core brand colour in the website’s design. We wanted the website to be easy to navigate around as we know what some customers are only going to the site for business or to find out more about Heckington Players, but there will be a selection visitors who will visit for both purposes. Therefore, we needed to define the different sections by using the terminology used by other theatre websites in order to engage the right visitors in the right places. The Navigation bar was designed around this idea form the start, although developed and changes during the pandemic in 2020/2021 the core bases still remains, we have only the key areas available for that the core groups of visitors will need, “What’s on” for those purply in need of ticket purchasing, “About Us” which brings in a drop down menu to show past productions, history and joining us, and “Youth Theatre” to allow parents to find all the latest information about the Youth Theatre at Heckington Players. This leads to the homepage, the homepage is the first page any visitor sees and we wanted this to be a place of discovery, the page contains small versions of content plus quick links to allow users to understand more about the website and who Heckington Players ADS are.



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The site was already built on WordPress, so we came and redesigned over the top of it and re-worked the sections. We rewrote many of the pages content and redesigned the layouts already in place to fit the new style. We added new pages that we felt were missing and worked with Heckington Players to gather the information, images and ideas that worked in overtime to become the website you see today, modern, clean, informative and useable. During the COVID -19 pandemic, we reworked the site to remove a lot of the more “in-person” elements of the theatre settings as with restrictions in place, Heckington Players ADS we digital. We have to make a new space for radio plays and films that were made during the very challenging times in order to allow the audiences to easily find the new content that would become the norm. In late 2021 with times changing, the website changed, in person shows were about to come back to life and so once again we stepped in, reworked the site to make sure the digital content was still available but that the website was back to “normal” in terms of customer experience and ticket purchasing.

Here are some more pages that have been taken from the Heckington Players ADS website…

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We look forward to working with Heckington Players ADS on any further projects in the future, if you like what you see then why not drop us a message via our contact page and find out how we can help you.