Ablenet – Website Redesign


We know how important a website refresh can be, that’s why we certally wanted to help when the Ablenet team came to us.

Ablenet is a disabled and visually impaired experience website, they allow customers and guests with a wide range of disabilities and visual impairment problems to experience a wide range of driving, adventure and memorable experiences. Everything from driving a supercar to jumping out of a play. They were looking for a site refresh and a more modern and user-friendly design as they moved along with the times.

The brand colours, themes and titles were staying the same however we when spoke to Paul from Ablenet he was after a brand new layout, updated shop pages, and the addition of some new services, pages and experiences. We used his old website as a template and started with a completely refreshed home page. Paul gave us some ideas to work with but overall he wanted a home page that showed off the vast array of experiences on offer. We gave the homepage a change that allowed customers to see the wide range of categories on offer as well as, “Best Sellers”, birther recommendations, reviews from past customers and a full category view.   

Ablenet Homepage


We then recreated the menu bar at the top to streamline pages that user needs see in the order they need to see it in, when it comes to e-commerce the customer needs to find the right page in order to buy the right product otherwise they end up trawling through all the pages and could end of leaving the site. We worked with Paul to redefine all the product categories and redesigned the product pages to fit a new layout, show the products off and made the navigation much easier for the customer. We added some new categories for different disabilities, this allows the customers to find the right product based on the disability they have or the person they are purchasing for has.

We know Paul and his company are growing and growing so we asked us to include some more “company” pages, this includes dedicated locations for new and current suppliers to go to, a new page for users who may be looking for a career with Ablenet and finally a place for Affiliates to find out more information and to get in touch. We believe pages like this give a company more credit and can reach a further audience of not just customers but new talent and other partnerships.

Fianlly, along with the general re-design of the current content, Paul asked us to create some teaser pages of future product lines and business that the “Ablenet” brand is reaching out to, showing spade for further development and business expansion which we love to see.

Here are some more pages that have been taken from the Ablenet website…

Bodywork Page - Mockup
Ablenet Demo_2
Watch our Website Demo here…

We look forward to working with the team at Ablenet on any further projects, if you like what you see then why not drop us a message via our contact page and find out how we can help you.