How to configure an email account on an iPhone/iPad running iOS 11

This article will walk you through the steps required to set up your Weave Hosting mailbox for IMAP access on your iPhone or iPad. You will need to know your server name, and the mailbox's password to complete this task.

Step 1
From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.

Step 2
Scroll down the settings screen and tap the Accounts & Passwords item.

Step 3
Tap Add Account.

Step 4
Scroll down to the bottom of the account types, and tap Other.

Step 5
Tap Add Mail Account.

Step 6

Enter the initial account settings as follows:

  • Name: Enter a friendly name here that will identify you to your email recipients.
  • Email: Enter the full email address.
  • Password: the mailbox password for your account.
  • Description: Enter a friendly name to label this account on your device

When you are done, tap Next at the top right.

Step 7

  • IMAP Should be selected by default - if not, then tap it.
  • Name: Should be pre-filled with the friendly name you gave in the previous step.
  • Email: Should be pre-filled with the email address you gave in the previous step.
  • Description: Should be pre-filled with the description you gave in the previous step.

Incoming Mail Server & Outgoing Mail Server (YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH - THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL)

  • Host Name: Enter your server name here.
  • User Name: Enter the full email address for the email account.
  • Password: Enter the account password.

When you are done, tap Next at the top right.

If you get an error saying that your details were rejected, try again ensuring you have typed everything correctly.

Step 8
If you got things right, then you will see some spinning icons while iOS checks your credentials with the server, and then you will be asked to save the account. You can turn Notes off at this point as you are probably using iCloud or some other service for that. Tap Save.

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