What happens when my domain expires

All domain names registered with Weave Studios will automatically renew. If auto-renew for the domain name is disabled or we were unable to process the renewal, your domain name may expire.

Depending on the domain extension, if the domain name is a gTLD (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz), in the first 40 days after it has passed its expiration date your domain will be available for renewal during this grace period.

During the grace period, no additional fees apply for recovering the domain name and you may renew the domain name by contacting our team.

We will review the domain and provide you with an invoice to pay for the renewal of the domain name.

After the grace period, the domain name enters the Redemption Period. You can find out how to recover your domain from that period from your registrars policy.

If the domain name is a ccTLD (country-specific extension), the time frame for the grace period may vary. Some country-specific domain extensions go into redemption as soon as they expire.