The Story of Weave Studios

At Weave Studios, we take great care in our customers’ experience and the work that we do. We work closely with our clients to better understand their needs and requirements, helping us to deliver the best results that we can through the services we offer.

We’re proud of what we do and of the results that we bring to our clients. To help you learn more about us, we’ve teamed up with Callum and Tom, the founders of Weave Studios, to dive a little deeper into the story of Weave Studios and what it means to them.

How did Weave Studios start?

Tom first ventured into the world of business in January of 2018, forming Weave Hosting Ltd. The initial plan was to offer reliable web hosting services at an affordable price, with great customer service and support. After a year, however, Tom recognised that this avenue wouldn’t be sustainable and therefore explored the need to move into more avenues, including website design.

“After a year, it was apparent that this [website hosting] would not be sufficient, and I would need to branch out into more avenues, including website design.”, said Tom when reflecting on the early days of Weave Hosting.

At a similar time to this, Callum, a good friend of Tom’s, was busy running Upoh Media, his design-focused agency which specialised in offering branding, logo design and more. “As Upoh Media grew, I was looking to upgrade the infrastructure and the backend offering,” said Callum. “I noted that Tom had all of the things that I needed, so I proposed that we join forces.”

In August of 2019, Callum approached Tom to discuss a potential partnership. Tom stated, “we were both in the same business sector and both had a similar goal.”, and after the meeting to discuss the idea of a partnership, it was agreed that Callum would join Weave Hosting Ltd and take a 50% share of the business. It was in September of 2019 that Callum and Tom officially joined forces, and the business was renamed to Weave Studios Ltd to better reflect what they do.

What is the goal for Weave Studios?

Tom and Callum are focused on building Weave Studios to become a well-known brand within the web hosting and design sectors within Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

“I want Weave Studios to be a lifeline to small businesses that need help, big or small, that is affordable and available to everyone with any sized budget.”, said Tom.

To start Weave Studios, both Callum and Tom worked full-time jobs whilst building the business in their free time. “I would like to see the company grow to a point where we can both take Weave Studios on as full-time jobs and eventually grow to company to have a few in-house or outsourced freelance developers, designers and marketing experts to allow both Callum and I to work on other parts of the business so it can grow and flourish.”, said Tom.

Callum added that they are part of a business network in Newark and that they would love to be able to take up a physical office space there soon.

What keeps you driven to do what you do?

“To see a happy client with the work that we have produced makes it all worthwhile.”, said Callum. “Being able to see our work being used out there and for good use is a surreal feeling, and one that we love.” 

Both Tom and Callum were very clear on their passion to deliver an excellent service to their clients. “We are very much customer service focused. Making money in business is nice, but if we don’t have a happy client then we aren’t doing something right and we’ll go out of our way to get it sorted.”, said Callum.

Both Tom’s and Callum’s passion for excellent customer service is embodied in everything that Weave Studios does, from the services they provide to interactions, both with them directly and with the business. When asked about what the goal for Weave Studios was, Tom shared how many companies will build a website and how that’s often the end of the customer journey. “I want people to feel they can come back to us and that we’ll support them, to help them grow their business.”, perfectly demonstrating the dedication to the customer experience at Weave Studios.

What does the name Weave Studios mean?

Weave Studios derives from Tom’s business originally, Weave Hosting. When asked where the term ‘Weave’ came from, Tom replied with “there has never been a huge backstory as to where the name came from. I like the name Weave as I felt it could embody the fact that we don’t necessarily focus on one area. We have expertise in web design, web hosting, graphic design (flyers, posters, logos), SEO, to name a few.”

When Callum and Tom joined the business, the decision to change the name from Weave Hosting to Weave Studios was to better represent that the business isn’t just hosting focused, but offers a wide range of creative and digital services in which they both have many years of experience in.

What services do you offer?

There is a range of services offered by Weave Studios, including:

Outside of the core services, Weave Studios can support businesses that are unable to find an off-the-shelf system to manage their business, as well as supporting businesses with technical needs. “We can build a system that manages customers, products, services, sales and much more that is completely bespoke to the client’s design and requirements.”, said Tom. “We can also carry out migrations from different WordPress themes or different systems, including migrations of Hosting Providers and even Email Providers.”

What are your most popular services?

When talking to Tom and Callum, they stated that their Branding services and Website Development services are the most popular amongst their client base. Clients often want help building their digital presence, so the team at Weave Studios work closely with the client to establish their brand that can be used across all forms of digital media, including their website.

Who is in the Weave Studios team?

The Weave Studios team currently comprises Tom and Callum, who are both directors of the company and work directly with their clients.

Weave Studios also works closely with Becka from Clear Round Media on a variety of different client projects. With a great working partnership, clients experience the expertise of both businesses for their benefit.

What does the future of Weave Studios look like?

Tom and Callum are passionate about driving the future of Weave Studios forward. Outside of their growth plans, there are some exciting plans lined up to deliver some exciting future services.

Callum stated, “We have some thoughts for new services, such as a video creation service, but for now we’re looking to ensure that our current services are as robust as they can be before we add any further services to our offerings.” 

Additionally, Tom added, “We plan to launch a purely Web Hosting side to the business like the big guys such as GoDaddy and IONOS but with a more personal and friendly approach. Many big hosting companies are owned by large conglomerates and do not treat people with the respect and support they need. We want to develop something different and better.” 

With commitments to do their bit for the community, Weave Studios supports Ecologi, who help fund tree planting projects in the UK to stop the climate crisis the planet is in. “We want clients and businesses to feel that their website is not contributing to the climate crisis and that they are doing their bit when being a customer of Weave Studios.”, said Tom.

Can we help you?

We help our clients build their digital presence through our services. If you’re looking for some professional help to build your digital future, contact our team today to get the conversation started.