Sprucing up for Spring – How to Spring Clean your website in 2022

With spring on the horizon and nature slowly coming out of hibernation, now is the perfect time to get the feather duster out for your website! 

Even the best websites need an annual tidy up and site check, as some errors or issues may have cropped up since your site launch or have been accidentally overlooked since your first content draft.

Have the following questions in mind when looking at your website and it will be spick and span in no time!

Sprucing up for Spring - How to Spring Clean your website in 2022

Are your software and plugins up to date?

Whilst popup reminders for updates can be annoying, software and plugin updates are important aspects of your website’s security. Without these updates, your website and computer can be open to hackers and cybercriminals taking advantage of any vulnerability from older software and plugin programmes.

Take the time to check if your software and plugins are up to date and download the newest version available – your peace of mind is worth it in the long run!

Have you reviewed your website analytics?

Looking at how viewers act on your website can help highlight potential issues and wrinkles to iron out. Does your website have certain pages that have high bounce rates, where website users do not stay on the page for very long? If this is the case, there may be something wrong with the content or the layout of the page.

By looking at your website analytics, you can also see what pages are engaging visitors on your website, and you can then develop similar content to increase the likelihood of people staying on your website and investing in your services.

Have you checked for broken links? And have you checked that your site map still works?

Is there anything more frustrating than finding a company you want to know more about, liking the design and content of their website pages, clicking through to find out more, and… being met with a ‘Page not Found’ message?

Save the frustration of losing any interested visitors by checking that your links are still live and that your site map still takes you to the appropriate page. No need to send out a search party ever again!

Have you proofread your website (again)?

No matter how many times you reread something, mistakes will invariably slip through the net, and you normally do not realise there is a typo until just after you publicly publish something!

Take the time to reread your whole website carefully to check if there are any typos or mistakes. Reading your website content out loud is a really good way to hear if your content flows well. In addition, reading out loud will help weed out any overlooked errors in speech or spelling. Check that your grammar is correct, and that you have not used the wrong word accidentally (such as affect/effect, or their/they’re/there).

It may take a while, but it will save you any embarrassment or misunderstanding later down the road.

Are your website pages mobile friendly?

As mobile phones continue to be an indispensable part of most people’s lives, the way we interact with the internet is now on the go. It’s one thing if your website looks good on a computer desktop, but it also has to look and work just as well on a mobile phone screen. A potential new collaborator or client may only be able to look at your online presence on their phone during a lunch break, on their commute, or during a television advert break. Grabbing their attention and interest online therefore needs be within seconds on any device.

Check that your website works on a variety of mobile devices. Friends, families, acquaintances – see what your website looks like on their phones and if there are any issues that stand out as they navigate around your domain. Make sure that your website works as needed and loads quickly, that links and buttons are big enough to click through on a mobile phone screen, and that your website is easy to navigate for a first-time visitor.

Have you done a content audit?

The idea of an audit may strike fear into the hearts of the bold, but do not worry! It’s not as scary as you may think!

Take time to look at the content that is available on your website, and ask:

  • What topics and content have performed best (either from a website analytics standpoint, or from an engagement standpoint if you shared the content to your social media accounts)?
  • What topics have you already covered and what gaps are there that you can fill?
  • What content pieces can benefit from an update and what can be repurposed into new pieces of content?

With these questions in mind, your content audit can help you decide your future content strategy to keep bringing new visitors to your website and build awareness of your brand.

This is another spring-cleaning job that takes time to properly read through your current website content. However, it will help in the long run by developing your future strategy, avoiding topics you have already published, and highlighting older but still relevant content that you can promote further on social media.

If you would like us to take a look at your site for you, we can provide you with an SEO audit with a detailed report with areas you can improve your website. Drop us an email and start the conversation with us today.

How can Weave Studios help with your Spring Clean?

If you need any help with your website spring cleaning, we can help you blow away any online cobwebs! Weave Studios are a friendly, experienced team that can help you realise your website, graphic design, and SEO goals. Our team create clean, modern websites built to industry standards that are fast loading and mobile-friendly. Need help with copywriting, images selection and layout? We have got you covered there too!

We also help with graphic and branding design and have worked with many different businesses and organisations to build consumer awareness and loyalty. Eye-catching, consistent, and beautiful branding is part of our bread and butter. Whether it is a branding refresh or a completely new venture, we are here to make your ideas a reality.

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