Laptops, Landing Pages, and Love In The Air: Products Weave Loves Every Day of the Year

As we draw nearer to Valentine’s Day (and take this as a timely reminder if you need to buy a card!), we’re also thinking about the everyday things that Weave Studios loves to use each day of the year. We sat down with Weave’s joint directors, Tom and Callum, to see which products and programmes would be on their list for a bunch of (virtual) red roses.

Laptops, Landing Pages, and Love In The Air

What is your favourite operating system?

Tom and Callum were in total agreement on this one – macOS. This operating system is found on every Apple laptop or computer, and can only be accessed on Apple products. This means that computers with macOS can also work in parallel with iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. Need to finish writing that email on your iPhone after starting on your laptop? That is no problem with this system!

This operating system is easy for novices, website designers, coders, and beyond. Tom and Callum have found that the system works without many issues in their day-to-day work, with nice, clean results. Video editing, designing, and website work is a breeze – and the system does not require an update every couple of days like some Microsoft operating systems!

To paraphrase and piggyback off old Apple adverts – “it just works”.

What is your favourite programme to use when you are developing a Weave Studios website?

Tom opted for PHPStorm, which he uses for coding to make website designs ready for the web. PHPStorm is a quick and easily navigable programme that makes coding easier for any project that Tom may be working on. He can correct any mistakes across a whole project; set up useful project settings, including having frequently used project items saved onto a favourite list; and keep coding standards high to ensure the best results for Weave’s clients.

On the other hand, Callum chose Brackets, which was recently taken over by Microsoft and is now called Visual Studio Code. This free and open-source programme can be used on either Windows or macOS operating systems. No wonder this programme is a very popular option for coders. Using this programme, Callum can write and test code simultaneously, colour code different project elements, and have the programme give him code hints and finish coding lines for him. On top of all that, Callum can also take advantage of the built-in plug-ins that check for errors as he works.

What is your favourite programme to use when developing a graphic or branding design?

Both directors are big fans of Adobe’s options for designers and developers, which have been shown to make beautiful, modern graphics and branding. Adobe Illustrator is used to make computer graphics and logos; Adobe Photoshop for editing graphics and photos to suit client needs; and Adobe InDesign pulls everything together to make the end design a reality. Posters, animated graphics, logos, and many more designs all go through the Adobe package, in order to make sure that each graphic or branding project reflects the unique requirements of each individual client.

What is your favourite social media platform, both professionally and personally?

Social media’s place in our personal and professional lives has grown dramatically over the last few years, and it does not look like it will be leaving anytime soon. As a result, businesses have had to adapt their engagement with social media to stay relevant and present in their respective markets. Tom’s professional social media platforms of choice are Instagram and LinkedIn, to demonstrate Weave’s design options, keep connected to clients, and drive engagement with potential new customers.

Instagram has been an integral part of online business presence over the last few years, with over 1 billion people using the app each month worldwide. The platform can be seen as a simplified version of Facebook, with Instagram posts focusing more on mobile use and sharing photos or videos. LinkedIn has been considered the benchmark for professional networking and job searching across the world, with more than 700 million users worldwide. Keeping a personal and business account on the platform with regular posts is a good way to catch the eye of potential clients and future business partners.

Callum regularly uses his personal accounts on Instagram and Facebook, where he shares what he is up to and stays in touch with his family and friends. Professionally, his preferred platform is also LinkedIn, due to its business features and allowing Callum to keep a clear line between his personal life and work.

And the most important question of all… PC or Mac?

Well, we’re not really surprised that both Tom and Callum love their Macs – as Callum says, “Why anything else?”

They find that a Mac fits their workflow perfectly, are portable for work on the go, and can allow them to work seamlessly from iPhone to iPad to Mac and back again, with all changes and updates on their work automatically updating across their Apple devices. With their favoured operating system, macOS, as the go-to software on every Mac made, this is a laptop that allows Tom and Callum to keep up with their client’s needs with flair and ease.

Before we go, Tom and Callum also have a little Valentine’s Day joke for you… Are you a computer keyboard?

Because you’re just my type!

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