How to Make Your Business Exciting Online

Years ago, an advert in the paper was often enough to get people to come to your business. Today, it’s a very different landscape. 

The internet has made it incredibly easy for people to find answers for what they’re looking for which has made competition fiercer. As a result, lots of people now don’t go solely for the first option, or even the best price – they go with the company they’re most excited to work with. 

They choose the company that they look forward to learning more about, the one that they look forward to talking to.  

That’s why it’s so important to make your business exciting online.  

In this article, we’re going to share some of our thoughts and ways that we can help make your business exciting online.  

Let’s dive into it. 

How to Make Your Business Exciting Online

Does a business need to be exciting?

Let’s be clear – there are lots of businesses that aren’t the most exciting in what they do. Space travel companies are pretty exciting, but not all of us are building rockets and going to Mars.    

With that said, however, that doesn’t mean your audience can’t find yours exciting.  

If your target audience feels excited by what you can do for them, they’ll feel invested in what you do. They’ll want to learn about you and how you can help them, and from there, it’s just a few conversations to see if you’re a good fit and should work together. 

If you’re still unsure of the value, think of it this way. How good will your discovery meetings be if your attendees are hungry to hear what you have to say? How good would it be for someone to approach you and say, ‘we love the look of what you do, can you tell us more?’? 

Ways to make your business exciting online

There are hundreds of different ways you can make your business feel exciting. Instead of listing all of them, we’re going to focus on the ones that we know better than the backs of our own hands – the ones that we love helping our clients with.  

1. Branding

Business Branding

Your brand is your business’s persona. It’s what people recognise of your business. It’s your colour scheme, your logo, the way your business ‘speaks’, and ultimately, the way your business is known. Therefore, it’s so important that your brand matches that of your target audience to make them feel excited. 

Imagine an energy drinks company, typically targeting a younger generation, with a boring brand. Their competitors will stand out far more, and they’ll more than likely struggle against them.  

Take a look at your brand, then at your ideal customer, and then back to your brand. Is your branding something that would catch their attention, and something they’ll receive positively?  

If you’re unsure, come and chat with us. We’ll be more than happy to give you our expert opinion.  

2. Video 

Video is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of content on the internet. It’s more engaging than most other forms of content and is accessible by people all around the world at any given moment. Most of all, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to get your target audience excited about what you do.  

You can create a range of different videos about your business to engage your audience. For example: 

  • You can talk directly into the camera and get really passionate about the benefits you can create for your customers 
  • You can create an animated video detailing various key pieces of information you want your audience to learn 
  • You can do a mock interview and answer some FAQs you commonly receive 
  • And lots more.  

There are hundreds of ways to use video for your business. Take a look within your industry to see how others use videos for their business for inspiration if you’re stuck, (don’t copy them!) or come and talk to us. We’ll help you create the perfect video for your business. 

3. Animations 

Graphics are crucial for your business if you want to be seen. They’re so much more than just looking pretty – they’re about catching your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged. 

One of the best ways to do this is through animations. Like video, the moving elements are known for catching people’s attention, but unlike video, they’re a lot less space-consuming. 

Animations can live anywhere on your website or videos to draw attention to something crucial. For example, an animated button that bounces up and down stands out on any page and is definitely going to catch your viewer’s eye and intrigue them about what’s in store.  

There are lots of different ways to use graphics for your business. For 5 more ideas that you can implement today, see 5 Ways to Use Graphic Design for Your Business.  

4. Website 

Your website is a crucial part of your business. It’s like a digital office, it’s where you typically want all of your visitors to head.  

Therefore, it’s got to be the perfect representation of your business, and it’s got to feel exciting.  

There are lots of ways of making your website exciting, such as: 

  • Including lots of pictures of your team(s) and showing the people behind the scenes 
  • Using professional but engaging animations 
  • Displaying your brand colours in the right places
  • Having a clear customer journey  

If you want your business to be visible online, why not read some of our tips here: How to be Visible Online in 2022.  

Making your business exciting online… Your next step 

It takes time to make your business exciting online – it’s not an overnight task. Therefore, you need to invest effort into it.  

Fortunately for you, we’re on hand to help. We have years of expertise in helping business owners unlock the potential of their business online through our Branding and Graphic Design services.  

Let’s work together and make your business exciting online. To get started, simply contact our team today!