What is a Domain Name? How to Find the Best One for You

The internet is now a necessity for businesses, with a website being at the top of the ‘Internet Essentials’ list. Lots of businesses have a website, but there are lots of different things to consider when making sure your website achieves the right results for your business. 

In this article, we’re going to focus on the domain name. A domain name is a crucial part of your website, and something you definitely don’t want to rush into. Many business owners aren’t aware of how a domain name can impact brand awareness, so we’re going to talk about all the things you need to know when deciding on your domain name in 2021.

What is a Domain Name? How to Find the Right One for You

What is a domain name?  

A domain name is text that is linked to an IP address (a unique set of numbers that connects to a website) that allows users to visit a website from their browser. Some examples of this are google.co.uk, amazon.com, or weavestudios.uk. A domain name typically consists of a string of text, such as weavestudios, followed by a domain extension, such as .uk.  

An IP address is a set of four numbers, ranging between 0 to 255, configured like this: As this would be difficult for users to remember, domain names link to the IP address through something called DNS so that when a user puts the domain name in, a DNS lookup occurs which then allows the computer to find the relevant IP address from the domain name.  

Is a domain name a URL? 

Not quite, a domain name is the main part of a URL, meaning there could be several URLs for each domain name. Our domain name is weavestudios.uk, which takes you to our home page, however, the URL for some other pages on our website are below:  

About Us – weavestudios.uk/about-us/  

Our Services – weavestudios.uk/services/  

Our Blog – weavestudios.uk/blog/  

As you can see, our domain name, weavestudios.uk, is a part of each URL on our website, which is why it’s so important to get a domain name that is easy to remember and identifiable to your audience.   

Why do I need a domain name?  

If you want a website that people can visit, you must have a domain name. It’s impossible to host a website without a domain name, so you’ll need to purchase one from a domain registrar.  

A domain registrar is a company that manages who owns which domain name, ensuring that people, and businesses, only own the domain names that they have purchased and have the rights to. There are lots of regulations before a company can become a domain registrar, and they must operate within the guidelines of the designated domain name registries to ensure consistency. Some examples of domain registrars are godaddy.com or 123-reg.co.uk.  

If you’re looking for a domain name, look no further! We sell domains because we are passionate about helping our clients build their digital presence. To learn more, please head to our domains page.  

How do I know what’s going to work for me? 

When thinking about domain names, it isn’t just ones and zeros or technical speak. There is a human element to consider before choosing a domain name. This includes considering how easy it is for people to read or type your domain name, how recognisable it is for your business, and how it links to your branding.  

To help you with this decision we’ve listed some of the key things to consider, and why, to help you choose the right domain name for your business.  

Make it easy to understand 

When choosing a domain name, you should choose one that is easy to understand for your visitors. If it isn’t, it could lead to confusion or hesitation when people see links to your website.  

Let’s look at an example:  

Easy to Understand – weavestudios.uk 

Difficult to Understand – hell0we4r3weavestudios123.uk  

Our domain name comprises of our business name and our location to keep it simple and easy to recognise. The second domain name is difficult to read, difficult to type, and could ultimately lead to negative effects on your digital presence and SEO ranking.  

Keep it text-focused 

Unless your business name has numbers or special characters in it, you should keep your domain name to just text. Your domain name will look more professional and reputable than one with unnecessary characters, establishing your brand and trust with your audience.  

For example: 

Text-focused – weavestudios.uk 

Not Text-focused – weave-studios-123.uk 

The text-focused domain name is much easier to read and comprehend and shows authority. The second domain name looks less professional and can give a negative first impression to visitors.  

Brand your domain name 

Your domain name is part of your digital presence and your branding, so make sure it links to your businesses so it’s clear that your domain name is your business.  

Our domain name is weavestudios.uk, which is clear that it’s ours. If our domain name was wedobrandingandwebsites.com, it wouldn’t be clear that it relates to us at Weave Studios and could confuse our audience.  

Keep it short and sweet 

The shorter your domain name the better it typically is. If you can keep your domain name concise to your branding, it becomes easier for your visitors to find your website and for people to recognise your domain name to your business.  

For example: 

Concise – weavestudios.uk 

Not Concise – helloweareweavestudiosandwehelpwithwebsitesandmore.uk 

The second domain name becomes very difficult to read and type, and it can put visitors off clicking a link due to this.  

Check trademarks 

Even if a domain name is available, be sure to check there are no trademarks for your proposed name that could come back to bite you in the future.  

There are lots more things to consider when getting your business online, and our team are the people to help.  

How Weave Studios can help 

It’s important to think about your domain name and make sure you choose one that meets your business branding. If you’re looking to get your business online, we offer affordable Website Packages and Branding Packages, to help you along the journey and give you access to our team of experts when you need them. Contact our team today to learn more!