About Weave Studios

We believe in being open, trustworthy & most of all honest.

We’re a small dedicated team with a big heart.

Weave Studios was founded after many years dealing with large hosting companies that treat their customers as another digit growing their profits.

Our team is based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK and has excellent links to the A1 and easy access to cities such as Lincoln and Nottingham.

Weave Studios was founded by Tom Creasey, who has over 10 years experience of working in the web industry and is passionate about providing the best online services to everyone.

With a very hands-on approach within the company, you’ll often receive communications directly from Tom in support requests.

Founding of Weave Studios

After more than ten years designing and developing websites for clients and nearly eight years working with web hosting companies, Tom was tired of being treated like just another number and neither should you.

The web hosting industry is notorious for hidden costs by deliberately obscuring prices, and sneaky up-sells that you do not need or will ever use.

Having been on the end of these deceitful tactics with products added to your basket, we want to change this. We don't force you into long contracts; we don't have sales or support staff trying to meet targets, and we certainly don't offer renewals at 2-300% higher than the initial purchase price.

We don't only want to help our customers succeed. We are here to help anyone, whether you are a customer or not. We believe showing people we care, offer sound advice and are honest that enriches everyone.

Weave Studios is committed to simple, honest pricing, and incredible support that makes running a website for whatever purpose a joy.

Future plans and company roadmap

We have some great plans for the future development of Weave Studios. We have listed a few of them here.


1. Giving Back

2. Free Hosting for Charities

3. Affiliate Programme