Working with businesses to deliver websites and graphics with real results.

We are a Design Agency based in Newark, offering web and graphic design services.

What we offer

Weave Studios has a dedicated team of experts committed and passionate about making your business stand tall and proud. From the redesign of a current website to websites built from scratch with logo design and business branding, the team will guide you through the process.

Website Packages

Your website is like a shop front. It needs to be inviting and portray your company as you would a physical shop.

Web Hosting

Personal, club, business, online store or blog we’ve got UK based Web Hosting plans to suit your needs.


Your businesses branding is vital in assisting customers to understand who you are and what you do.


Building the right SEO strategy is important to ensure success in reaching page 1 of Google.

See what our clients are sayng about us

See what our clients have to say

Weave Studios were able to give me the tools to be able to edit and add content as I needed but they are always there if I need anything more technical on an ‘as & when’ basis.
Simon Biggin

SJB Workwear and Uniforms

Weave have been brilliant throughout the process of creating my site. They have supported me with technical issues and have continued to be in touch after the launch. They are trustworthy, professional and really listened to everything I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.
Kelsey Pakes

KP Mind & Body

These guys are the friendliest and most down to earth designers I’ve ever come across. Don’t be scared by their massive technical knowledge – they have your business at heart too and genuinely want to see their clients succeed.
Becka Shepherd

Clear Round Media

Who is Weave Studios

Weave Studios was founded after many years dealing with large hosting companies that treat their customers as another digit growing their profits.

Our team is based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK and has excellent links to the A1 and easy access to cities such as Lincoln and Nottingham.

The latest from our blog

Maximising Your Everyday Mental Health

Maximising Your Everyday Mental Health

May is Mental Health Month, which annually shines a spotlight on positive mental health practices, the experiences of those who live with mental health issues or neurodivergence, and what we can do to help people with mental ill-health in our community. We’ve compiled...

SEO Expectations vs Results

SEO Expectations vs Results

It’s now standard behaviour for us to use the internet as a go-to to learn, entertain, and buy. Many businesses transitioned their focus to an online approach due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and lots are continuing with this approach due to successes they’ve seen and...

How printed Marketing could make a comeback

How printed Marketing could make a comeback

When the internet came into our lives, digital marketing did too. As the internet has grown and become a huge part of our day-to-day, digital marketing has adapted and evolved into being one of the favoured methods of marketing for many businesses, overtaking...

How to get away from your screen this Spring

How to get away from your screen this Spring

You may think that you spend too much time in front of a screen. But stop and think, if you can, of the time you are not looking at a computer, phone, or television screen. You may be hard-pressed to think of a time recently! According to The Independent, an average...

Web Hosting and How to Get it Right

Web Hosting and How to Get it Right

We all know what websites are, and most of us visit them every day, but many of us are unaware of the technical infrastructure that goes on behind one to keep it up and running. There are many different elements that make a website accessible. We won’t go into all the...

Callum Thursby
Callum Thursby

Meet the Team

With over 25 years of experience between them, Tom and Callum teamed up to provide businesses with the digital needs they desire.